Shopping kawaii in the Netherlands & Germany

A big fan of all things kawaii, but can’t afford a ticket to Tokyo? We get it. But there’s no need to travel far to get items that are cute. Outside of Japan and South-Korea, where are the sports where you can discover kawaii in the Netherlands and Germany?

Did you know that Amstelveen is the city with the biggest Japanese community in the Netherlands, no surprise that there are many shops catered to this community. As Amstelveen is part of greater Amsterdam, you’ll also find lots of shops selling Japanese goods in Amsterdam. We focus now purely on where you can discover kawaii things because there are many stores that sell Japanese food, design, furniture and clothes.

In Germany, Düsseldorf is home to the largest Japanese community in Europe. Nowhere else in Europe is Japanese life so concentrated in one neighbourhood; nearly 10,000 Japanese people live in here and define the vibrant Little Tokyo. Anyone who longs for the dynamic nature of big city Tokyo will find it here.

We listed Dutch and German spots that for sure tick the kawaii box in these two countries that are home to many expat-Japanese.

Shop kawaii in the Netherlands and Germany

Pika Pika Japan, Amstelveen, the Netherlands

In Amstelveen city-centre, you can find Pika Pika Japan, a Japanese-led shop that is filled with everything from green tea to Japanese plasters, from toys to blankets, from ramen bowls to skin products. All straight from Japan, all very kawaii. It’s like a smaller sized Daiso, where you can find everything you need and didn’t even know you needed.

Shilla, Japanese – Korean Delicatessen, Amsterdam

The best place if you’re looking for real Japanese or Korean food in Amsterdam-South. They even import candy and ice-cream from both countries, so finding something kawaii to eat is easy. You can find snacks with Doraemon, ice-cream featuring other famous manga figures and the cutest kitty-cat bowls to eat your ramen from.

Takagi bookshop, Düsseldorf

Manga is, of course, one of the leading export products from Japan, and the spot to go to in Düsseldorf is Takagi. Stocked with manga in all categories and staff that can tell you all about it, if you’re not familiar with manga yet or are looking for special editions.

Bubble tea spots, in any big city in the Netherlands and Germany

Though bubble tea is originally from China, the way it’s presented and served is very kawaii. Sip on some colourful tapioca balls with milk and fruit juices, close your eyes, and you’ll find yourself walking down Takeshita Street.

Nishi Market, Rotterdam 

A concept store Japanese style which has everything you need: clothes, a hairdresser and food: Nishi Market is the place to be.

Flying Tiger, in any big city in the Netherlands and Germany

Though this shop is from Danish origin, they’ve indeed hopped on the kawaii-train. It’s easy to find cute and fun items here, from birthday cards to squishies to accessories to use if you want to dress in Kawaii-style (like floral headbands).

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